Scratch My Pack Travel is a one search shop for learning how to travel from scratch. With realistic destination guides, travel resources, and ways to travel longterm, our site inspires people to find more value in their vacation time by scratching more than just the surface.

With over 2,300 followers on social media, 3,300 page views per month, and 72 following our newsletter, our site is a budding project with a concentrated and dedicated following that is steadily increasing, making Scratch My Pack Travel an exciting new blog to collaborate with. 

As a powerful team of two, we have skills in professional photography, targeted writing, marketing, and branding. Our content is focused on answering questions that first time travelers and expert backpackers struggle to answer providing resources that cover their basic needs abroad. Our content is highly focused on the visual aspects to better empower our audience to travel abroad and to call attention to brands that we believe in. 

Our audience is 76% ages 18-44, with 54% male and 46% female across 42 different countries. Our top four countries are the USA, Vietnam, UK, and New Zealand with specific interests in outdoor sports and travel. 


How We Can Work Together

We're keen to work with brands that mirror our interests of a better work-life balance. We can help showcase your brand and products to our growing audience in an alternative way to traditional advertising. For a more detailed media package about our services please email us at info@scratchmypack.com

Ways in which we can work together are:

  • Professional photography for use in marketing and social media

  • Sponsored blog posts

  • Brand partnerships

  • Sponsored campaigns

  • Social media collaboration

  • Hotel and restaurant reviews (Level 5 Contributor on TripAdvisor)

  • Copywriting and editing


We want to work with brands that offer our readers something meaningful and makes their life easier by enabling them to achieve their travel goals. We believe in the power of community and support and we want to work with brands that inspire our readers. If you believe that your brand is right for our audience, we would love to hear from you. Let's see how we can work together and inspire more people to travel. 

Email us at 

info@scratchmypack.com and we'll be happy to evaluate your proposal.

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